Regulations & Policies
Kings Creek HOA Mission Statement
Kings Creek is a private residential community of primary and vacation homes. The Homeowners Association is committed to providing a beautiful, well-maintained, safe and neighborly environment for the common benefit and enjoyment of all property owners. The Kings Creek HOA Board of Directors will provide ethical and fiscally responsible solutions to optimize our property values, and ensure that this continues to be a highly desirable community.
Bylaws, Covenants and Policies
The following are links to the regulations currently in effect and governing HOA activities.
KCHOA Amended & Restated Covenants & Restrictions Feb 2017
KCHOA Bylaws Amended 5/23/19
New Owner Capital Contribution Fee Resolution Adopted 4/19/2022
KCHOA Policies, Rules & Regulations Amended February 2023
KCHOA Architectural Review Building and Landscaping Requirements January 2023
KCHOA Executive Board Obligations and Functions  January 12, 2014
For Architectural Review Committee rules for builders, contractors, subcontractors and landscapers, please refer to the Architectural Review Committee page.