Real Estate
Real Estate Activity as of December 19, 2021
Homes for sale:  1 Price:  $1,700,000
Homes under contract:  1  
Homes sold in 2021:  14 Price range:  $676,096 - $1,700,000
Homes sold in 2020:  18 Price range:  $483,500 - $1,030,000
Lots for sale:  0  
Lot sales pending:  0  
Lots sold in 2021:  2 Price range:  $447,000 - $770,000
Lots sold in 2020:  2 Price range:  $385,000 - $625,000
Total homes built to date:  236
Sold but vacant lots:  9
Homes approved for/under construction:  2
Total lots:  247


For a detailed listing of homes and lots for sale and recent real estate transactions, click on this link: Dec. 19, 2021


Selling in Kings Creek?

To obtain the DUCIOA Resale Certificate and other important information required for property transfers, please contact the Kings Creek HOA Secretary at

Kings Creek is what is known as a 'DUCIOA' community. DUCIOA is a Delaware law that requires sellers of homes in certain communities to provide the home buyers with specific information about the financial health and the rules and restrictions of the community, in the form of the 'DUCIOA Resale Certificate'.

The seller is responsible for paying the HOA a $200 fee to obtain the DUCIOA Resale Certificate and related documents. The buyer is responsible for paying the HOA a $100 Transfer Fee at settlement.

The Kings Creek HOA has first right of refusal on the sale of all properties in the community. The settlement office should contact the HOA to obtain a signed Consent to Sale and Waiver of Option to Purchase document.


Use of Real Estate Sales Signs in our Community

In compliance with our deed restrictions, the Board of Directors has given its approval to the use of signs by real estate agents in the following manner:

Only during the time a lot or home is offered for sale, a single box containing advertising material concerning this sale may be placed on the lot. This box shall have a plain covering with no advertising wording on its exterior, and shall not exceed twelve inches by nine inches by four inches in size. It may be placed on a post, but the combined height of the box and the post shall not exceed three feet from the ground. No other signs advertising this sale are permitted, except as specified below.

Signs indicating that a property being offered for sale is open for inspection by potential purchasers are permitted only during the actual time that a sales representative is present at the property. All such signs must be removed at the conclusion of the "open house" each day. Signs advertising the "open house" may be placed at the entrance to the community and at key intersections to assist the potential purchasers in locating the property. Each of these signs shall not exceed twenty-five inches by twenty-five inches in size. Flags, banners, balloons or any similar material advertising the "open house" are not allowed.